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6 Reasons To have a Software Development team as an extension in India From Singapore

Have you ever thought of outsourcing your software development to India? If not, then it's time to think again. There are many reasons why your Singapore-based business would benefit from having an outsourcing team in India. I am sure that building a development team in India is not a good option for every company or project, but it works very well in some scenarios.
Outsourcing software development to India has been one of the best business decisions taken by many Singaporean companies. From startups to big corporate houses, all have shown immense trust in hiring outsourced software developers from India because of its numerous benefits. These 6 reasons help you understand why you should build a software development team in India is best.


Low-cost resources and expertise

The primary reason for developing a software or web application is to fill a gap or solve a problem faced by customers. But, it takes time to conceptualize, design, develop, test, deploy and maintain an application. And this process involves costs as well. It would be wrong to assume that you can get cheap apps without compromising on quality. But, you can surely get affordable apps if you build your development team in India and delegate the work of developing the app to the team in India. You can save on costs and still get quality solutions.
There is a huge difference in salaries between the two countries. In India, the average salary for a Software developer is about SGD 17,000 – 20,000 per year, whereas it is SGD 65,000 – 70,000 in Singapore. Apart from this, there are several other costs involved like space, training and so on.
Also, building a software development team helps businesses to focus on core competencies while experts work on the project at hand. The companies can then invest their time in improving customer experience and refining their business strategies.



India has been a preferred destination for outsourcing software development, mainly because of the quality and consistency of services offered by Indian firms. Even if you have to pay a little more, you can rest assured that you will get a high-quality work out from your Indian developer or team.
This is one reason why many companies in Singapore prefer working with developers from India than any other country. Since English is spoken widely in both countries, there is no language barrier whatsoever for Indians and Singaporeans to talk to each other about their projects.


Reduced failure rate

If you want to reduce the risk of failure in your projects, you need to ensure that your programmers are skilled and experienced enough to handle it. A good software development team in India will be built for you taking care of your every requirement. The team will be having the exact combination of skill and experience to work for you. The more experienced they are, the lower the chances of failure will be.


Shortening Delivery Time

The time difference between Singapore and India is 2.5 to 3 hours, which means that you can deliver projects faster when working with a software development team in India. If you have a big project, you can easily divide the work between the team in Singapore or delegate the entire work to your dedicated software development team in India. When the labour cost is low, you can hire more people with less money. More people will push the end product faster in comparison with a few people working on the project.


Fast implementation of new technologies

Technology is evolving daily. With new technology coming to market, the entire landscape changes. If you are not adapting to this change, if you are not integrating the new tech within your product, chances are either you will face hacking attempts or your product will be overrun by the competitor. If you have a local team in Singapore, where there is a shortage of talent, especially tech talent, you need to retrain your team. This retraining will consume critical time. If you build your software development team as an extension to your current team in India, you can hire people who are already trained in the new tech. You do not need to worry about these talents getting obsolete as Indian talent is tech-savvy, they keep on updating them.



Most of the software development companies in Singapore prefer working with an offshore team for various reasons. One such reason is flexibility. In case you want to change your requirements or design, you can easily get it done by your offshore team without any hassle.


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