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How To Extend Your Software Development Team In The Next 90 Days

Team Extension isn't a difficult task. When you know where to look, it can be done easily in an extremely short time. Here we'll look at how you can make use of the vast talent pool of Software Developers in India for extending your software development team in the next 90 days.

Indian software development industry is well known for its high quality and competitive rate. The consistency and quality of the IT services offered by India are some of the factors that make it a popular destination for software development projects.


Why should you consider team extension?

It's a well-known fact that software development teams often face difficulties in finding people with the right tech skills, experience and qualifications. In some countries, the demand for developers is much higher than the supply, so it's challenging to find good and reliable developers who can fit your company’s requirements and culture.

Nowadays, companies are looking for alternative approaches to hiring qualified specialists in different ways. One of these approaches is team extension. This approach will give your quality skilled talent to your team. The only difference is going to be where they are situated. Generally, an extension of the team is situated in a different country which can provide the skills you are looking for.


The Team Extension Process start now

Now, that you have identified that you need to have an extension to your software development team, the process of extending it beings. The entire process will be done within 90 days. Is this number hard to believe? Well, if you know where to look, you can actually complete the process in way less time.


Identify the skills and experience you need

You need a clear idea of what type of person will help you meet your goals. What are the skills they will bring? For example, if your goal is to build an app that integrates with an existing piece of software, it makes sense to find someone who has experience working on similar projects.

You also need to consider how experienced they should be in order for them to contribute effectively. You might assume that hiring more experienced people will give you better results, but this isn't always true. An inexperienced developer may be able to help more than a senior developer if they're more familiar with your existing systems.


Why you should use India for software development?

India has a well-deserved reputation for having the best programmers in the world. Many big companies like Microsoft and Google have teams in India already, and it's not hard to find talented people here with the right experience for any project.

The country’s large English speaking population and high literacy rate are among the reasons why India is a great place to consider when expanding your software development team.


Choose the right partner to work for you on the ground

This step plays a crucial role in the entire process. If you are looking for talent outside of your home country, you need a local partner which can take care of other formalities for you. You can set up a legal base in the country you are looking for talent but it will increase your cost and compliances.

If you partner with the right company, you can rest assured things will move as planned and you will get the talent you were looking for. Here, if you decide to go with an IT consulting company that also offers team extension services or the one that offers many more services, things can go the other way. They need to handle other things for themselves like consulting projects, and outsourcing projects.

Partner with a company that only provides services like dedicated team development, development team extension, and also offshore development centre (ODC). Why ODC? So that in future, if you decide, you can convert your extended team into an ODC. Accoty is such a company (well, it's our blog). We only provide services which are mentioned above. We do not entertain outsourcing projects.


Finalizing the candidate for the team

Your local partner must have picked a few candidates which they have chosen after grilling the applicants through their hiring process. Things are checked, their work history, skill level, and cultural fit. Now, you need to finalize which candidate(s) you want to move ahead with. After you give a green signal for a candidate(s), he/she will join the team at the desired date and will become an integral part of your existing team.


Distribution of tasks

After the selected candidate(s) join the team, and you explain to them about the team structure and who they need to report to, they will function as same as your in-office employees. Due to the spread of high-speed internet, you will never feel like they are not in the house but in India. The only thing left is to assign them the work, and start receiving the quality work.


We at Accoty, help companies like yours in building their own software development team extension. With our past experience, we can confidently say that this entire process takes 60 days or less. So, why 90 days? To account for situations beyond our control. Contact Us and things will start moving ahead within 24 hrs.