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The Offshore QA Team: Where & How To Get Them?

This is a prevalent new topic — how do you get these offshore Q&A testers helping startups like Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, etc. Everyone wants to know where to find their offshore QA team. But before they can do that, they need to understand why they need one, where to find them, and how to manage a successful project. Read on to explore all three of these areas. Hopefully, this will provide some insight and clarity as you start your journey.


What's the difference between an In-House and Offshore QA Team?

In-house QA teams are usually located near your office, whereas offshore teams can be located anywhere on the planet (although there are some countries with stricter regulations). This means that they typically have fewer limitations on working hours, which can be beneficial if you're looking for someone who can work night shifts or during weekends. Also, their location might enable them to work more efficiently since they're not distracted by local distractions.


Why Should You Get An Offshore QA Team?

If you have ever read about software testing and quality assurance, then you know that there are many different types of tests available for use by developers and testers alike. However, not all of these tests will work for all types of software applications or websites.

This means that to truly test a product thoroughly, it may be necessary to implement multiple types of tests within the same project scope. The only way that this can be done is by having different teams working together on different parts of the project at the same time. This way they can each focus on their particular niche while still working together towards one common goal: delivering high-quality products as efficiently as possible.

The QA team can reduce testing costs by more than 50% compared to in-house testing. It has been proven that outsourcing some parts of development can save money for businesses by reducing costs by more than 50%. The same logic applies to QA teams; they can reduce testing costs by more than 50% compared to in-house testing. This is because offshore developers often have lower wages than their local counterparts, which allows companies to pay less while still getting high-quality work done.

Outsourcing saves you time and allows you to focus on other aspects of your business without having to worry about quality assurance because all these tasks are taken care of by experts at an offshore location like India who have years of experience in this field and can deliver high-quality results within specified deadlines.

In addition, you will have access to a wider range of skills since there are many different types of offshore QA teams out there. If you need someone who knows certain systems and technologies, then you can find that person easily among the many options available.


Where do you find an Offshore QA Team?

India is the best option to get you an offshore QA team. India has a huge pool of talented IT professionals and software engineers who are ready to work on projects with clients, anywhere in the world.

The challenge is not finding a good offshore QA team; rather it is choosing the right one for your project. The reason for this is that many companies have come up in recent years offering services such as offshore testing and software development. These companies promise quality services at a very competitive price but deliver poor results.

Why India?

India has been ranked as one of the top outsourcing countries in the world and it is no secret why this is so. The country has some of the best IT talent available in Asia, which makes it an ideal place for businesses to outsource their software development projects. India is also home to many large companies that have been providing quality software development services for years now, making them ideal partners for outsourcing projects.

With over 1 million people employed in India's IT sector alone, there are plenty of skilled workers available for hire at any given time – even during periods when not many companies are hiring! This means that you can always find someone who meets your requirements no matter what time of year it is.


How To Manage Your Offshore QA Team

You can find numerous companies that provide quality outsourcing services, but not all of them are good enough to handle your project. Here are some tips on how to manage your offshore QA team:

Make sure they're qualified. You don't want to hire a QA team that doesn't know what they're doing. To make sure they're qualified, ask them specific questions related to your project and see how they respond. If they don't seem like they know what they're talking about, then you may want to look elsewhere for someone who does.

Be transparent with them about everything related to your project. One of the biggest mistakes managers make when working with an offshore QA team is thinking that they shouldn't know too much about what's going on because it will make it easier for them to do their job without any interference from management or other parties involved in the project (the client). This isn't true at all because if something goes wrong and the QA team doesn't know about it, they won't be able to do anything about it. To avoid this, be transparent with them about everything that's going on in the project, including issues and bugs found by other teams or even by you.

Don't micromanage them. This is another mistake that managers tend to make when working with an offshore QA team. They think that by doing so, they'll be able to keep their team under control and make sure nothing goes wrong. However, this only makes things worse because it makes the team feel like they're being treated unfairly and it may even lead to resentment towards management itself.

Make sure they have all the information they need to do their job properly. If you have a specific process or methodology for testing and documenting bugs, make sure that your testers are aware of what this is and how it works. This will help them understand how important detailed bug reports are for everyone involved in the project, not just for you as a manager but also for developers who may not be able to reproduce some issues without clear instructions on how exactly an issue occurred.

You also need to be very specific about what exactly needs fixing. If there are multiple issues with one page of your site, don't just send over a screenshot saying "fix this page." Instead, highlight each issue separately and provide as much information as possible: where the problem is located, what browser it's happening on, etc.



There you have it, the offshore QA team in a nutshell. If you want to create an effective QA strategy for your startup or business, I’d say you should consider getting one. Good luck out there!


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