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Top 5 Benefits Of Setting Up Your Offshore Development Center In India

Offshore development centre (ODC) refers to an integrated and dedicated team of world-class software engineers that can help companies with core development projects, R&D, and much more. The offshore company can be located in any part of the world, but it works as an extension of your company’s existing IT team. 

In recent times, the global outsourcing market has been surging due to the plethora of advantages it offers to an enterprise. Developed countries usually have to incur massive expenses due to the high labour charges. This is why companies are increasingly outsourcing projects to developing nations like India. By doing so, they can overcome the limitations of in-house resources like development cost, time, infrastructure, and availability of specialized skills. 

India has a large talent pool of seasoned IT experts who offers top-notch development solutions at reasonable rates. Industry-standard customizations, qualified workforces, reliable infrastructure, and cost-effective services are some of the reasons why India has become a hotspot for outsourcing companies globally. Let’s delve deeper and discuss the core advantages of working with an offshore development centre in India.


Benefits Of Partnering With An Indian Offshore Development Center

Cost Efficiency

Maintaining an optimal IT budget is crucial for any small and medium business. They need to ensure continuous digital excellence while fulfilling the core business financing goals. This is where an offshore development centre in India can help make a huge difference. When compared with different countries, the expense of work in India is much lower. Here, you can have access to skilled professionals who will deliver best-in-class software development services at modest rates. Moreover, you don’t have to bear the expenses of establishing and maintaining infrastructure as the Indian offshore companies invest in it. The advantage of transparent invoicing, currency rates, and foreign exchange policies ensures that both the company and the offshore partner have a win-win situation without causing any disruption in business services. Thus, these associations provide you guaranteed cost benefits along with a large plethora of technology skills to leverage from. 


High Quality & Customized Services

With over 6000 engineering colleges and research institutions, India produces approximately 25,00,000 engineering graduates every year. These skilled workforces are well trained in different technology domains to build powerful software for almost all business needs. A majority of Indian companies are CMM and ISO certified, ensuring the delivery of high-quality work. The professionals adhere to the quality standards in the development process and provide customized services tailored to meet your company’s specific business requirements. Additionally, they offer flexible work hours according to international time zones, providing 24/7 support. 


Good Communication Skills

English is a widely spoken language in India. The regional accent of the people here is very mild, and their knowledge & command of the English language are excellent. Thus, it makes interaction with Indian professionals easier to follow. Whether it’s over the phone, email, or through chat, you can establish a smooth communication pathway with them.


Continuous Innovation

Technology is one of the key elements of change in the world and it keeps evolving faster than anyone can predict. The shift from massive workstations to flexible apps that can run on smartphones and watches in your hand is a classic example of how technology has reshaped the world. To stand ahead in this ever-evolving world, SMEs need to ensure that their digital infrastructure remains updated according to market trends and emerging technology concepts. Investing in an R&D practice for technology can be a costly venture for any small and medium business. This is where having an offshore software development centre in India can be the key to your success. 


Offshore development companies in India continuously invest in upskilling their workforce to stay up-to-date with emerging technologies like AI, Machine Learning, and IoT. When you partner with these companies, your business benefits from the best-in-class practices tailored exclusively to meet your enterprise needs. Furthermore, it also alleviates the financial and resource efforts needed to identify and install trending technology concepts off your shoulders.


Reliable Infrastructure

India is rapidly expanding when it comes to superior quality telecom and internet infrastructure. It homes top-tier data centres, high-speed internet service providers, and a wide range of enterprise-grade hardware for networking and computing needs. This is one of the major advantages of partnering with an offshore software development centre in India. You can ensure 24/7 availability and required scalability for your core business applications. It means you can serve your customers at any time. Additionally, the proliferation of high-speed internet lets you have easy access to service firms, guaranteeing quality work even if their employees are working from home.



Working with an ODC has several advantages, especially if you are a startup or enterprise looking to optimize its operations and assure top-notch performance every time. To put it in a nutshell, offshore development companies offer quality and tailored services at a cost-efficient rate. With time, companies have started realizing this, and thus, they are increasingly searching for reliable organizations to partner with.

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