Benefits and scarifies of Work from Home

Everything comes with benefits and requires some sacrifices too. Pros and cons are two sides of the same coin.

Environmental benefits of Work from Home

  • Less commute: When an employee does their work while remaining at their home, they do not need to step out and commute to go to the office. This commute uses carbon as an energy source and emits carbon into the environment. When there are fewer people to travel, less the transportation mediums required.

  • Less energy requirement: Heating or cooling a big building needs more energy than heating or cooling a room in a house. When people are working from the comfort of their home, they will use less energy.

  • Less food wastage: Cafeteria in the workplace need to cook food to feed the workforce. But many times, people do not eat the entire meal, or they do not take a few items because they do not like it, which leads to food wastage. If people are working from home, they will only cook the things which they like, which will lead to no or less wastage of food.

  • Less water wastage: People need to wear clothes to go to the office, and to wear them again they need to regularly wash them. This washing of clothes left the water unfit for any other use, which increases the water wastage. When people do not need to go to the office, they do not need to wear freshly washed clothes daily which will lower the water wastage.

  • Less clothe requirement: When people do not need to go out of their houses, they do not need to buy clothes. Modern clothes are made of polyester or buy mixing polyester with natural fibre, and the man-made fabric is damaging to the environment. It creates pollution and degrades very slowly sometimes take thousands of years.

Human benefit

  • More time with family: When people work from home, they spend more time with their family. Spending time with loved ones is life fulfilling. They can see their children growing; they can spend more time with each other. This time spending with loved ones will lead to happiness.

  • No commute stress: When there is no need to commute to a place far away from home the stress of travelling gets eliminated.

  • More sleeping hours: People tend to have a living place away from the working space due to cost advantage, but this distance needs to be covered via travelling. To travel and reach the workplace, an employee needs to wake up early and rush to the office. When there is no need to travel, this extra time can be utilised to have a few more hours of sleep, which is healthy for the human being.

  • Can live at less costly places: When there is no need to travel to the workplace, employees can rent or buy homes far away from the downtown which is relatively cheaper than living near the workplace, which will help them in building their savings.

  • Can do the exercise: The number one reason for not doing the exercise is not having enough time for it. When there is no need to commute, people have extra free time which they can use to do some exercise.

  • Can have 'me' time: People get involved in so many things that they tend to neglect themselves. The boundary between me and the other starts to get blur which is devastating for psychological health. When there is extra time in hand, a person can spend it with himself after logging off from work.

Human sacrifices

  • No human interaction: Human being is a social animal, and he likes to be in the social circle. But when there is no need to visit a common workspace, a person can experience a lack of human touch.

  • No In-person team collaboration: When the entire team is working from home, coming together to collaborate on a project is not possible. Everyone needs to do their part of the project.

  • No new space: When people are working in a common space, they have many places they can move to and do the brainstorming without and distraction coming their way and brainstorming without any distraction. When working from home, a new space cannot be created, and a home is always a place for distraction.

  • No small talk: When working from home, small talks ar the water cooler, evening snack time talks cannot take place. To have some small talks, people need to be in the same common space.