Benefits of getting help from outside

We all come across problems and solve them. We use the existing resources and people to deal with the issue at hand but sometimes solving an issue internally won’t bring the desired result.

There are a few arguments which will tell you how it can be beneficial to have an outsider to solve your worries.

  1. Not affected by your biases: We are humans, and we develop a few biases in the journey. We start to like someone; we start to hate someone; even we start to like a few things the way they are without any sound explanations to back them up. Life keeps on going, and these biases grow with us. But when you include someone from outside of your organizations and circle, he is not coming with your bias. He will show the things the way they are. He will force you to leave behind your biases and start to see the things from the right perspective. For example, you are favouring an employee because he is good at what he does, but in reality, he is a bottleneck, but your bias is telling you the opposite story.

  2. You will get another knowledge pool: We have our limits, and we gather knowledge in the field which we like. But sometimes we need another knowledge set to move forward sharply. When you have someone who loves to gather knowledge in different fields, you can benefit from that. With the new knowledge pool working by your side you can analyze the same thing from a different point of few. For example, if you are having a problem with operations and you possess skills regarding the technology world, you will judge that problem with your knowledge pool which may not be the right way.

  3. The shared vision for your company: If you hire someone who is with you for the sake of money only, he won’t perform in the way you want him to work. He is there to fulfil his vision, not yours. He is there to earn as much as he can and leave you the moment he senses any troubling time. But when you surround yourself with the people who share your vision, who know how work is conducted and the challenges a business face, they will stick around and help you with everything they got. For example, when you have someone who knows about how startups operate, what are the challenges, problems and issues they have to deal with; they will understand your situation and help you out with everything they have.

  4. Will not hesitate to tell you the truth: When people are working for you, they will only tell you the information which is beneficial to you. If you take some decision and invested in it, people around you will start to invest in that too and ignore the hard facts which are shouting that the decision you have taken is not the right one for the company. Everyone is so invested that they start to ignore every red flag as they are wearing rose-tinted glasses. But if you have someone who is from outside, he will find those hard facts and present it to you. The hard facts everyone was thinking that they can beat. It is good to feel the pain of a shattered dream than the pain of a failed dream project.