Why having fun at work is important?

With the advent of work from home becoming the new normal, being social with the team has become a difficult task. Working as a team together in the same physical space had its fair amount of pros. Motivating each other, helping out, sharing breaks, having lunch together, the list goes on and on. Now, even though the team is connected virtually, there has been a sort of a disconnect in the social aspects.

Mental health issues are also something that is being discussed. Every organization believes healthy and happy employees are the ones that are productive. But how do you influence the joy of the team when there is such a divide?

1- Have a Chief Happiness Officer-

Every week or two pass on this responsibility to a team member and all they need to do is drop in a mail about self love and self care everyday. They would also conduct a virtual fun team activity that would encourage participation of the whole team and help share some smiles.

2- Create a fun loving team network-

Have fun tasks like cooking a meal and posting its image on a team communication group or having a dress up competition that is put to vote in the group itself. It helps the team to get to know each other at a personal level. It also helps the employees to feel that they are a part of something personable and unique.

3- Celebrate each other's wins-

Let's say Adam landed a great deal with a client, a pat on the back is not possible now. A simple congratulations and best wishes over a video call with the entire team would definitely motivate him further. Small wins such as figuring out a kink in the process to make things smoother or finding a solution that helps increase the efficiency must be appreciated and celebrated. With such a serious situation out there in the world, people would be very happy to celebrate the small wins and would appreciate others taking part in it.

Every team is unique and every team member must feel appreciated for them to perform their best. Create a thriving office culture so that your employees feel connected even if they are physically in different locations. Build a community so that it builds you!