You Don't Need Solutions to The Existing Problems, You Need Radical Innovations.

Disruptive ideas come from a radical point of view. Currently, media has used the word radical in a negative sense so many times that we started to associate the word with a negative meaning. Radical, the meaning of this word is adjective (especially of change or action) relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough.

Radical point of view helps us see through the fabric of the current status quo. It helps us in eliminating the industry thoughts which are prevailing and dominant, which are hindering any innovation.

Every industry is full of such radical ideas which have become the mainstream with time, but if we look back in time and see the industry norms, they were quite radical for their time.

When Nikola Tesla discovered radio waves and built the first item which he was able to control with a wireless remote, this whole invention was radical for the time when everything was supposed to be attached with a wire to work. This invention at that time consumed as magic. But if we look in our time in the modern world, the radio wave technology has become main-stream, our cellphones use the same kind of technology.

Let's look camera industry. Kodak was the first company which came up with the digital camera, but this invention was so radical that the management got threatened by it and never pursued the idea because it didn't need a film to capture an image and Kodak was the number one film seller at that time. This radical innovation changed the photography industry forever. Because of this radical invention, we can capture images with our cellphones.

this world is full of radical innovations you need to have an eye for it to see. If you are innovating something which is going to improve efficiency or will solve a problem, you have to deal with hard times. Any problem can be solved in multiple ways and you cannot offer every possible way. When people will see that the work you are doing is bringing money into the pocket, they too will jump in.

If we look at the social media platform, which problem they are solving? If you think they are helping us connect with people, how many people are there on your social media profile whom you cannot call? We were always able to connect with people via SMS, calls, messaging apps but why they are so successful? because they are radical innovations. Being on this platform is cool. If you are not on any one of these platforms then you are not part of the heard. You will feel like you are missing out something.

If you want to make a name in the world, have some radical innovation than a solution to the problem which will force the industries to change how they work, which force people to change how they live, which forces the perceptions to shift.