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Want to innovate and change the world?
Build your ODC in the home to Asia’s silicon valley.

Increase innovation with a captive ODC

Increase innovation with a captive ODC

Idea’s don’t spring out from anywhere. Your ODC is the nerve centre of your new product development. All your departments collaborate to bring fresh solutions to life. When you want to scale up, we've got access to a pool of highly talented engineers, data scientists, and business analysts that can join your team and work in harmony to speed up innovation.

5-100+ Dedicated Engineers

Your developers are totally dedicated to you, and our onboarding process aligns them with your company culture, vision, mission, and values.


We can hire specialists with experience in IoT, AI, ML, DL, RPA, AR/VR, and many more based on your requirements.

Rapid scaling

Liaise with your recruitment specialist and scale your ODC at a rapid pace to achieve strategic goals. 

Total alignment with HQ

Your team in India will use the same tools as your team at home. As English is the second language of India, you’ll bespeaking the same language, literally.

Beat the competition and achieve the limiteless growth

Beat the competition and achieve the limiteless growth
You’re in good company

You’re in good company

Welcome to India - and say hello to the neighbours. You'll find yourself alongside the world’s most famous tech firms such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.

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4.36 mn

People employed in the Indian IT sector.


1.5 mn

Engineers graduate every year.

Global R&D


India is home to R&D centres of tech giants like Microsoft, Google, IBM, Amazon, Facebook.

A private space of your own

You’ll have a branded office space all for your own - fully equipped with high tech and the essential everyday equipment your developers need to deliver results. 

Powering your development operations

We assemble the teamWe assemble the team

We assemble the team

You will get the elite engineers you need without disrupting operations to overseas recruitment.

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We run your operationsWe run your operations

We run your operations

We do the heavy-lifting of managing operations, paperwork, legal & compliance, taxes and all administration.

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    Local set up
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    Admin and HR
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    Data-driven reports
You grow your companyYou grow your company

You grow your company

When you're ready to increase your capacity, we'll work with you to grow your team at speed.

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    Reduced time to market
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    Trusted long-term partner
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    Unlimited growth

Take a closer look at our way

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Bring new ideas to life in your own offshore R&D centre

As you grow, your ODC may mature into a fully-fledged R&D centre with various experts working together on new concepts to propel your organisation to innovative new heights. To enable this, we can hire:

  • Elite engineers
  • Top-tier data scientists
  • Business researchers
  • Business analysts
  • Technical specialist and support

Fluent in any language

We dip into India’s deep talent pool to find developers who’re experts in whatever technology and fluent in any language you’re looking for. From Python and Swift to Kotlin and Go - we’ll find the polyglots you need.

Fluent in any language
Specialist in any sector

Specialist in any sector

 With success from banking to travel, we can find engineers experience in your sector. We build your ODC to your requirements, and our recruitment process ensures you get the right skills and industry culture. 

ODC in India

Your turnkey offshore development centre

Your avoid You Avoid You get YOU GET
Snails-pace growth Super-fast scaling
No extra value generated for your business Data scientists and business analysts to help you innovate
Lacklustre security measures Strict security to ensure your IP and code are safe
Developers lacking the specifics you need Every engineer is a specialist hired to requirements
Long-winded recruitment Rapid team assembly
Developers not here for the long term Full-time engineers instilled with your company DNA
Excessive administration and HR processes You leverage our fully managed operations model

Launch your ODC in India


Fill the skill gap you have in your existing team at lightning speed.


Control over the workflow and direct communication with the team.


We manage your admin, logistics, payroll and HR.


Accoty tailor your security measures based on your operational requirements.

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