Build your tech team in India without its operational hassles

We'll build and manage your custom tech team in India. We'll take care of its operations while you assign tasks, deadlines and accountability.

Join 20+ including Fortune 500 companies using custom tech team.

Barry Riley
Costco Wholesale

I have had the pleasure of working with Accoty for the past year. Their team has been instrumental in helping us build and maintain our tech team. From providing top-notch talent to offering ongoing support and guidance, Accoty has exceeded all of our expectations. Their professionalism, expertise, and dedication to our success have made them an invaluable partner. I highly recommend Accoty to any company looking to build or enhance their tech team.


Assemble the best of the best to create a powerhouse team

Don't settle for second best - get the best! Take advantage of the vast talent pool and get the top 1% of performers. These are the cream of the crop and they will bring immense value to your team.

Build your team

Skill set to match your tech stack

Django, flask, Laravel, JS, Angular.js, Java, Golang or others: you will get the skills you need.

Get the skill sets you need

The Process

We set-up your team

Your new team members in India are handpicked from the most talented developers in the world. The team will be built after a rigorous selection process that filters out the top 1% talent from the rest.

We manage your operations

We'll get your dedicated workspace set up and take care of all the details on the ground so you can focus on your business.

You grow

We help your team embrace your vision, values, and culture so they can fully align with and support your mission.

India at a glance

1.5m engineers graduate from India's universities

Women comprise 30% of the IT workforce

It's an incredible R&D hub, boasting over 400 centres, including those of some of the world's leading multinationals

Companies that consider India their second home

+ many more

Tested and Trusted

Companies worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies, trust our solution


Extend your exsiting Developer Team

Set up your own world-class in-house tech team that can meet all your requirements, and become a key part of your business.

Set up a Dedicated Developer Team

Expand your team in India to craft uniquely impactful customer offerings, and collaborate with your new coworkers just like your team at home.

Build an ODC of 50+ engineers

Enhance your business with an offshore development centre of 50+ engineers, who will dedicate their skills to create new products and services and foster innovation.

If you have any other specific needs, we'd be happy to create a custom solution for you.

Gye Jung-Hee
Second Syndrome (미니창고 다락)

I can't say enough about Accoty and the impact they've had on our company. We were struggling to fill key tech positions and even when we did, the talent wasn't quite what we needed. It was frustrating and we were falling behind in our goals. That's when we turned to Accoty and rest is history.

Our Recruitment Process

1. Talent Scounting

Begin building your tech team from elite candidates by conducting an initial search, prescreening, and making the first contact.

2. Logical test

Candidates are given an array of tests to ensure they can handle complex problems with ease.

3. Technical Round

A practical assignment to check the candidate's technical skill level and approach to solving the problem at hand.

4. Mock Assignment

Candidate's ability to architect a solution is assessed through a three-day project completed at home for a comprehensive understanding.

5. Cultural Match Interview

Before going forward with the candidate, an interview to check the candidate with your company culture.

6. Interview With Manager

An interview with the manage of the team to check the compatibility with the team.

7. Final Interview

From the elite final group, you shall perform the final interviews and select your champions.

The Value

World class developers

Fast to hire

Scale at speed

Cost optimal

No operational headaches

Legal & compliance taken care

Strategy alignment

Security and data protection

360 degree report of the team

Hiring projection

Dedicated productivity officer

Dedicated success manager

Get a tech team without its operational hassles

Tell us what kind of team you want. What skills do you need, and how many members should be in the team.


Accoty is your partner on the ground that helps you build and manage your tech team in India.

No, we do not provide freelancers but full-time employees. The tech team that we build for you work for you as same as any other full-time employee.

No, you do not need to pay anything in advance.

We send you an invoice at the end of each month that will include every expense separately.

We send you an invoice at the end of each month that will include every expense separately.

Yes, we sign the NDA and the intellectual laws in India are very strict.

Yes, every member of the team will sign the NDA before getting exposed to anything about your product.


The reason behind the low prices is the low cost of living in India.

The team will be using the same tech and tools you use at home. You can check the work in real-time.

Our clients generally assign tasks and set deadlines and accountability. We take care of the operational part for you which gives you more time at hand.

Freelancers are independent contractors. They worked to maximize their revenue, not yours. The team we'll build for you will be your full-time employees.

Our hiring process is consist of 6-step process which takes 10 days to complete.

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