Airbnb for tech talent


Accoty D-a-a-S
Accoty CTO & Team

An IT team working under your CTO without working in your company

Accoty Faster Go-To-Market

Fasten up Go-To-Market process


Speed up new tech adoption and beat the competition

Accoty New Tech
Accoty Consumer Preference

Adapt to customer ever-changing preference, FASTER


Why Us?

Accoty Fast and Secure

Faster and Secure


You can end the time leak in managing platforms and technologies to get the work done. We work on the platforms you use which make the collaboration secure and faster.

Accoty Right Skills

Right Skills


You need the right talent with the right skill to achieve your scaling target. We have the skill sets you need to supercharge your growth.

Accoty The Way You Want

The Way You Want


No miscommunication, no turning out the things not your way. When you can see the progress in real-time, you can manage the entire production cycle to get things Your Way.


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